Anti-insect technology

Protection for the lifetime of the product

Anti-insect plastic technology

d2p anti-insect  is included during the manufacturing stage of the plastic product, and kills or repels insects by changing the character of the plastic. It is not sprayed or painted on the surface, so it remains effective against insects for the life of the product.


Many dangerous diseases are spread by insects.  E.g.   Zika virus, Dengue fever and Nile fever and Malaria.  These are very difficult to deal with after they have entered the human body, so we need to control the insects which spread the diseases.

Example of pests controlled:  Flies, Mosquitoes, Weevils; Moths, Ticks,  Caterpillars, Mites, Bollworm, Budworm, Green Mirid, Cutworms, Aphids, Wireworms etc.

d2p AI has been proven to be effective in  repelling most insects which puncture thin walled irrigation pipes and cause the loss of valuable water.


Irrigation pipes, plastic walls, ceilings, floors, table-tops and work surfaces

Mosquito nets – LLIN

Agricultural/horticultural  films

Can be used with rigid or flexible plastic products or netting , woven and non-woven.

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