Ethylene Adsorber

Helping to reduce spoilage of perishable fruit and vegetables

Ethylene adsorber technology for fruit and vegetable packaging

d2p Ethylene Adsorber mb  is a highly active adsorbent for the removal of ethylene gas and moisture from within plastic packaging to reduce spoilage of perishable fruit and vegetables.

The Facts:

Ethylene is a gas that increases the speed of ripening in fruit and vegetables

The specific structure and high porosity of d2p EA active will adsorb any ethylene and water vapour

Ethylene adsorber is suitable for use in packaging products made with all plastic processing technologies (extrusion, injection and rotational moulding, coating,  lamination, woven and non-woven).

Can easily be incorporated in the final product,  and does not alter physical, chemical or mechanical properties

Meets the tests for overall migration, heavy metal and primary aromatic amines as per Commission Regulations (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14th January 2011 and Article 3 of the European Regulation No: 1935/2004.

Meets US FDA migration test as per US.21 CFR.F.D.A. Regulation part 177.1520 Clause 3.1a.

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Ethylene Absorber brouchure download